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Our team is here to help you make the most of your next career step. dem IMEC, der AFUM, der ESADE oder dem Manhattan Institute of Management Ihr perfektes Weiterbildungsprogramm. Private loans are available from many banks to support educational expenses. Please note that this amount is granted independently of possible early bird deadlines and discounts. Once you are admitted, we kindly ask you to make a tuition fee deposit to secure your place in the programme. The popularity of the Master & MBA programs lives from the diversity and spirit of … Master-Studiengänge ... Unsere weiterbildenden Masterstudiengänge/MBAs sind berufsbegleitend studierbar. This is your chance to experience our typical classroom atmosphere, teaching style and learning techniques. The course enables you to make and assess complex corporate financial decisions. Further information available here. Get an impression of the engaging campus life, unique MBA experience and community spirit at Frankfurt School. It is a generalist degree intended for those who would like to deepen their managerial knowledge and skills. Bei über 650 Hochschulstandorten und mehr als 20.000 Studienangeboten allein in Deutschland verliert man leicht den Überblick. Please choose your personal preference to do so. Scholarship funds can be applied for directly thorugh the regular programme application and they are granted at the descretion of our Scholarship Committee. This course addresses the managerial challenges associated with integrating the effort of various functions of the firm during the process of developing new products and services. Jedes Semester, ausgenommen Semester 3 (Auslandsmodul) und 5 (Master Thesis), beginnt mit einer Blockwoche von Montag bis Samstag. Lecturers: Philipp Bierl, PhD, WHU Business School and Robert Knoop-Troullier, CEO, CKT Modern GmbH, Alumni of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. This module highlights customer needs and how firms can address them through customer-centred marketing decisions. The aim of the module is to provide an overview of current trends and cover the main developments in the financial industry, as well as introduce the technological advancements that are on the verge of disrupting the business models of key industry players. All scholarship decisions are merit-based, although financial hardship may also be taken into consideration in special cases. die Chemie- und Pharmaindustrie sowie die Logistik Frankfurt zu einer besonders wirtschaftsstarken Region – die hochqualifizierte Mitarbeiter benötigt um zukunftsfähig zu bleiben. Your MBA in Frankfurt, Hamburg or Munich. Deutsch, es Students of the Online Master of Leadership in Development Finance, Participants of the Certified Expert e-learning courses. Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier. An der Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences werden sechs Master-Studiengänge vollständig auf Englisch angeboten: Admission and scholarship decisions are generally announced directly after the admissions and scholarship comittee (within 2-4 weeks after your interview). Nukhet Harmancioglu, Associate Professor at the College of Administrative Sciences and Economics, Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey. Learn more about our MBA and EMBA programmes at one of our MBA Online Info Sessions & Info Evenings. This course is especially relevant for students who want to get a deeper understanding of several industries in Germany. Feel free to contact our MBA team to arrange a campus visit, including a guided tour of the campus. In this module, students learn the key aspects for improving the transformation process through content and operation methods, and the key aspects of technology. In just three (very intense) days students will be teamed up in entrepreneurial teams, ideate a B2C solution to an existing problem, create the value proposition, build a first landing-page MVP (minimum viable product) that will go live in the www, design and setup A/B-tests, create Facebook ad campaigns to get traffic on your website. The Sigma Challenge is a fully computerised business simulation set in a highly competitive and international environment that requires participants to take a comprehensive and global view of the business to be successful. The goal of the course is to provide a fundamental understanding of blockchain technology and the ecosystem as a whole. The course is structured by three components: development strategy, concept development and product and service design. You will do an in-depth analysis of major ethical approaches, by applying real-world case studies and giving group presentations. ... Horizonte erweitern. These, on the one hand, serve solely technical functions and, on the other hand, also the optimisation of the websites, interaction with social media as well as user related advertising on our pages and those of our partners. Christian Schulze Associate Professor for Marketing at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. ). It allows to see and experience the linkages across strategy, finance, marketing, operations and cross-cultural team dynamics, and to experience first-hand the leadership competencies required to build a high-performing team, and essential attribution of successful companies from start-up to continuing operations. The course covers the relevance & purpose of M&A and explains how to translate Corporate Strategy into M&A Strategy and how to identify targets for value propositions and synergies including basics of M&A, target search, transaction process, valuation techniques as well as the evaluation of factors for success and failures in the M&A business. This elective challenges the students to think about the risks and opportunities for the finance industry today and the challenges to the classical banking business model. It will include topics such as global strategies, foreign market entry and acquisitions as well as international competitive dynamics with a focus on innovation processes and implement new initiatives in organizations. To take advantage of our available early bird discounts and attractive partial scholarships, we encourage candidates to submit their online application (free of charge) at their earliest convenience: *FS-alumni are eligible to receive €4,500 discount. Profound knowledge about digital marketing and how it connects to business development is important for managers of all disciplines, not only those with a marketing focus. Our programme staff is available should you have any questions or concerns regarding your application or admission status. The purpose of this course is to enable participants to analyze and understand the interdependency between purely finance-driven business attitudes and the more stakeholder-related definition of business as a permanent interaction between company and stakeholder interests. The course in Infrastructure Management is offered by the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen in cooperation with Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and brings together the expertise of both universities. Anfahrt & Lageplan. Beratung und Psychotherapie in der Lebensspanne Der Master-Studiengang ist so konzipiert, dass zu den auf der Seite Psychosoziale Beratung und Recht genannten Gebieten weitere Schwerpunktsetzungen in Beratung, Mediation und Krisenintervention erfolgen können. To qualify for admission, you will need to fulfil the following eligibility requirements: Please note: Language proficiency waivers are possible for candidates, who have completed a previous degree in English, lived in an English speaking country for longer than a year or whose work language is English (confirmation from employer required). Janine Bosak, Professor of Work & Organizational Psychology at Dublin City University Business School, and Director of Research of the Leadership and Talent Institute (LTI), Ireland. On successful completion of the module, students will have a wide range of tools which enable them to improve the underlying processes of a company. These frameworks help evaluate firms’ strengths and weaknesses, the intensity of competition, the relative bargaining power of firms’ buyers and suppliers, the nature of strategic interactions, and changes in scope (diversification and vertical integration). Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is a leading private business school based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Digital Marketing, Organisational Design, Lean Start-Up Bootcamp). A functional infrastructure is the basis for a good quality of life and a requirement for stable societal development. Alles zur Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences und ihren 66 Studiengängen. The course will cover strategic and operational marketing issues and use both B2B and B2C examples. Juping Yia, Associated Professor of Accounting at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. Accredited by EQUIS, AACSB, and FIBAA, WHU offers academic programs as well as education for executives, following four core values with courage and commitment: community, cosmopoliteness, entrepreneurship, and excellence.Despite COVID-19, WHU is ready to grow and planning ahead! Marketing & Recruitment, Maria Claudia Reis Silva Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Fintech, Managing Digitalisation). As such, the course sheds light on the some of the different and far-reaching ways technology is shaping the modern organisation and its strategy. IMC Frankfurt ‍ Internationaler Universitätsabschluss Berufsbegleitend studieren ⏰ Fast-Track Studium Jetzt informieren! two different tracks. Our Master of Science Programs start in September each year. For more than a decade, this interdependency has been described and measured as “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).” This course will introduce the definitions of CSR, but also of BGS (Business Government and the growing impact of ESG-Indexes (Environment-Social-Governance. Lecturer: Stephan Billinger, Associate Professor of Marketing & Management, University of Southern Denmark. An Entrepeneurial Buisness Plan is a comprehensive business plan for the establishment and start-up phase of a new enterprise/ initiative, according to a set format, developed by a team of MBA student. Mit Erfahrungsberichten, NC-Liste und zulassungsfreien Studiengängen. ... Horizonte erweitern. Agile Management is a lightweight and easy to learn approach, nevertheless the application is challenging as it requires a cultural change to really work in companies. Master-Studiengänge anzeigen. After reviewing your application, we will invite qualified candidates to an interview with a faculty member of Frankfurt School. We offer top class degree courses and continuing education options in seven different programme divisions. Over the last few years in particular, the principle of lifelong learning has become an established truism. As the old saying goes, “you never stop learning”. Leadership of Innovation & Change (module abroad). If you would like to schedule a personal consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please note: All information is intended to provide a general overview of the study programme. Weiterbilden am modernsten International Management College Deutschlands. As both leaders and members of teams, they set high standards, establish trust, and create an environment of collaboration and cooperation that inspires high performance. The management track electives include but are not limited to: Various agile approaches and techniques are one of the hot topics in many organizations, no matter in which industry they are active. Three modules are offered in block weeks (Mon-Fri/Sat): the first module right after the opening weekend and the capstone course at the very end of the programme take place in Frankfurt. Further information available here. Accredited by EQUIS, AACSB, and FIBAA, WHU offers academic programs as well as education for executives, following four core values with courage and commitment: community, cosmopoliteness, entrepreneurship, and excellence.Despite COVID-19, WHU is ready to grow and planning ahead! In this module, we cover the important steps of performance management and strategy execution. Stefanie Will Drawing from recent scientific developments in the field of Strategy, the course combines lectures and case studies examining the new theoretical frameworks necessary to evaluate the strategic implications of platform business models, artificial intelligence, automation, and crowdsourcing. Our partners may also amalgamate this information with further data which you have provided or other data which they have collected through the use of their services. Intended as a complement to Global Competitive Strategies course, the New Technologies & Business Trends course examines the impact of novel digital technologies and business models on strategic analysis. The popularity of the Master & MBA programs lives from the diversity and spirit of … Our success is a testament to the ambition and innovation of the Frankfurt School community and it is this same drive that ensures we remain at the forefront of research and development. These, on the one hand, serve solely technical functions and, on the other hand, also the optimisation of the websites, interaction with social media as well as user … These cookies provide information on how a website is used (for example the average duration of page visit and how often it is viewed) and enable an ongoing optimisation of the website. Master of Engineering | 3 oder 5 Semester (Vollzeit oder berufsbegleitend) Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt am Main Besuchen Sie uns auf Facebook Denn: Berufsbegleitend Studieren heißt auch eine doppelte Belastung zu tragen. The students shall analyse what have been the key drivers of the banking and investment industry and in which way digitalization proposes to keep it challenged. Lecturer: Leonhard Fischer, Independent Non-Executive Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee at Glencore,  Chair of the Investment Committee of ‘Zukunftsfonds’, former CEO of BHF Kleinwort Benson, Management Track MBA und Master Berufsbegleitend Den MBA oder Master berufsbegleitend absolvieren Wenn den MBA oder Master berufsbegleitend bzw. Dabei werden grundlegende Funktionen der Website, wie etwa Login, Seitennavigation oder die Speicherung der Produkte während der Sitzung, ermöglicht. Due to the possible large-scale impact of AI on economies and societies, the course focuses on strategic issues of high relevance for future business while providing the necessary understanding of the technology. Each month our MBA students have a boardroom meeting with leaders from German industry and business. Taking this test costs 100 USD and you can register for it through the online application. startet im April 2021.Der Bewerbungszeitraum endet am 30.09.2020.. Weitere Informationen zum Studiengang finden Sie zusammengefasst in unserer Broschüre.Informationen zum Bewerbungsverfahren finden Sie hier.. Aufgrund der regelmäßig großen Nachfrage, empfehlen wir … Cookies measure user access of our website and realise functions for social media and marketing. To achieve this, the elective is structured into three parts:The first part describes where the banking industry has come from and by which forces it has been transformed. When you make the decision to study at Frankfurt School, your current financial situation should not be the factor that holds you back. This module is based on consolidated financial statements under the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The purpose of the interview is to gain a better understanding of your character, personality, expectations, motivations and goals. Auf unseren Webseiten werden verschiedene Arten von Cookies mit unterschiedlichen Funktionen eingesetzt. We discuss social responsibility, ethics and morals, and their position in society in general and the business world in particular. English, es Darunter befindet sich bestimmt auch eines, das Ihre individuellen Suchkriterien erfüllt! Firms operate in the complex environment of the entire economy, and indeed of the world economy and the global financial markets. Several organisations offer competitive scholarships for outstanding students: Get a first-hand impression of Frankfurt School and our MBA programmes: Meet the programme director to discuss the curriculum, connect with current students about their experiece, take part in a lecture or take a personal tour of the campus. Students will work on a real-world group consulting project related to digital marketing and business development. The schedule is designed to allow candidates to switch between locations for added value through increased networking opportunities and flexibility. Find out more about MBA Career Services at Frankfurt School. Absolvieren Sie jetzt am International Management College oder in Kooperation mit einem unserer Partner, wie z.B. wie lange Besucher im Durchschnitt auf einer Seite bleiben, ob und wie oft sie wiederkehren) und ermöglicht eine laufende Verbesserung der Webseite. The module provides students with the global business of multinational companies (MNC) with a focus on China at CEIBS and Europe at BI Norwegian Business School. This includes climate related risk (via physical climate risk as well as climate policy) as well as upcoming opportunities in the climate context. Bachelor in Business Administration (BSc), Bachelor in Computational Business Analytics (BSc), Bachelor in Management, Philosophy & Economics (BSc), Bachelor of Arts Programme (berufsbegleitend), Master in Corporate Performance & Restructuring, Master of Leadership in Sustainable Finance - Online, MBA in International Healthcare Management (IHM), FS Summer School “The Finance & Management Boot Camp”, Partner Day & Study Abroad Fair at Frankfurt School, Frankfurt Institute for Private Equity and M&A (FIPEMA), Institute for International Health Management, ProcessLab of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Financial Intermediaries and the Real Economy (FIRE), Experimental Economics (“SoWi”) Laboratory, Emerging Scholars in Accounting Conference 2018, Emerging Scholars in Accounting Conference 2019, Wissenschaftliche Kommission Rechnungswesen des VHB 2019, The Future of Money - 10 years after Lehman and Nakamoto, Climate Risk Insurance: InsuResilience Solutions Fund, Frankfurt School COVID-19 Crisis Response, EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI), Regional Office - Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Regional Office - Latin America & The Caribbean, Regional Office - Middle East & North Africa (MENA), ALES - Agricultural Loan Evaluation System, The Congolese-German Centre for Microfinance, GOAL 9: INDUSTRY, INNOVATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE, GOAL 12: RESPONSIBLE PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION, Careers in FS International Advisory Services, Covid-19: The Impact on the Financial System in Egypt, Career Day 2020 - Virtual Career Fair 4 November – all day, Executive MBA – One of my best investments, Become the Best Version of Yourself that You Can Be, My Hybrid Learning Experience at Frankfurt School, One month down: what I have so far learnt from the Part-Time MBA, My Women in Healthcare Scholarship & what to expect from an IHM MBA, Starting the Hamburg Part-Time MBA with a lecture on CSR, MBA Leadership Camp: Full-time MBA Class of 2021, Time flew during the opening week of my Part-time MBA, attractive partial scholarships available, Doctoral Programme in Accounting, Finance and Management, M&A Glossar Lexikon für Mergers and Acquisitions, Frankfurt School COVID-19 Crisis Response Technical Assistance for SMEs & Financial Institutions, Entrepreneurship@FS Innovative Solutions for a Changing Market, Global perspective and diverse student cohort, Module abroad at a top-ranked business school in Oslo or Shanghai, Individual leadership coaching & personal development programme, Highly flexible time schedule to allow for work-life-study balance, Participant-centred learning approach with real-world case studies, Renowned faculty & strong business network, New, modern campus and study centers in the centre of, hold a first academic degree and have at least 3 years of postgraduate work experience with potential to go on to leadership positions, have the ambition and motivation to work full-time and study part-time, persue clear career goals that can be reached with an MBA (i.e.

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