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Michael mentions that he used the word "afraid" in the Jacuzzi, to which Tobias replies "And I apologize for that. ", When Tobias listens to his tape recordings, he can't see what's wrong with the line "even it means me taking a chubby, I will suck it up," which was also used in ". After Michael says, "I can't stand to hear one more lie out of this family," Tobias enters in the background and says, referring to Lindsey, "There's the woman I'm sexually attracted to", after which Michael says "Okay, but that's the last one". When Tobias is wearing the beak in the cage, the fake wattle hangs down over his mouth. ", Tobias says: "And maybe I'll do my famous gay character. Select from premium Luxus Uhr of the highest quality. When Frank says "I think we can be more than just gym buddies," Tobias responds with "You’re blowing my mind, Frank." lennart ruff & markus goller When George Sr. confronts Tobias in the attic, Tobias licks his hand. Tobias defines himself as the "sticky white glue" that holds the family together. Dafür kommen die Kumpel (Peter Lohmeyer, David Rott und Tobias van Dieken) als ewig pubertierende Helfer und Querulanten hier etwas zu kurz. german. In the hospital, he speculates about Michael's illness, saying it could be his colon, and he'd want to "get in there and find some answers. Das könnte dir auch gefallen. When Michael gets up to the floor he says "A lot of hands down there" to which Gob responds "They weren't my hands". ", In the same scene Tobias mentions that he could be Buster's wingman and continues to say, "Even if it means me taking a chubby, I will suck it up. Profil von Tobias van Dieken mit Agentur, Kontakt, Vita, Demoband, Showreel, Fotos auf CASTFORWARD | e-TALENTA, der Online Casting Plattform a family-style restaurant by day and an anything-goes, pan-sexual bazaar by night. "FIST!" Find exactly what you're looking for! Tobias calls George Michael a "Freddie Wilson" who is a member of a fictional Village People-esque band - who were said to be gay. The costume beak G.O.B. Trending auf SWYRL. Home black. languages. When referring to a confusion between male and female Tobias says "in the dark it all looks the same.". Tobias then corrects him saying there is nothing ambiguous about him, and not correcting the gay part. Tobias refers to himself as a cocktail waitress. When the narrator points out that Michael's crying is "not exactly a turn-on", the camera cuts to Tobias' face, which is visibly disgusted. color of eyes. She tells him to leave her out of that, immediately making the homosexual connection in her mind. While acting Tobias says "And I can't be your father, I'm not a straight man" to Murphybrown. Michael replies: "I think I have. Michael realizes that Tobias is pointing the camera at his crotch, and tells Tobias that he doesn't need any footage of Michael's "nuptials". Tobias truck Dieken was created in 1980. Meanwhile, he also manages to win the heart of dreamboy Sven (David Rott), who becomes his first boyfriend. 's illusion. Guys and Balls (German: Männer wie wir, literally Men like us, UK title: Balls) is a 2004 sports comedy/romance film by German American director Sherry Hormann about a gay goalkeeper who assembles a gay-only soccer team to play against his ex-team, which fired him due to homophobia [citation needed], On Rotten Tomatoes the film has an approval rating of 38% based on reviews from 13 critics. "Lindsay: She should be punished for this. movie: director: production | channel: 2020: weit weg ziemlich nah: agnes maagaard petersen: dffb shortfilm: 2020: r ≠ 0: jozefien van der aelst: dffb shortfilm 1992: education: workshop city lit alexander technique (2014) workshop l'ecole internationale de theatre jacques lecoq (2013) stella adler studio of acting nyc (2013) Michael corrects him and says that he can just call it intercourse. However, Michael doesn't have curly hair, and Tobias is clearly pointing to a place lower than Michael's head when he says this, while Michael is off-screen changing his pants. Upon seeing Michael's "KAYPRO" computer, Tobias comments, "Oh, K-Y Pro, huh?" ", Tobias has replaced all the gender-related pronouns in. He decides to addresses the issue but ends up further down the rabbit hole — as a convicted child predator. Regarding G.O.B. In Season Four Tobias is shocked to learn the family assumes he is gay based solely on the way he acts and the words he chooses. Tobias says "For 2,000 rupees, we'd both go down on Matthew McConaughey" to Michael while talking about India and Rupees. 177 cm. In his defense he says "Oh, he really, really did look like a woman. Ecki is then evicted from the team, with his mistake being used to cover the real reason—the revelation that he is gay that comes about when he is observed by some of his teammates kissing another player Tobias on the mouth. Tobias goes on a date with someone named Michael who is, presumably, a man. [3] Dennis Harvey of Variety states that the film is "by-the-numbers ensemble dramedy that hits every underdog and gay-fish-out-of-water cliche on the nose". He then quickly corrects himself, saying that he forgot that he was in the states, where it is referred to as a "sausage in the mouth. Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images You know, Tobias, if I can become a more traditional mother, then maybe you could start being more of a... Tobias: Non-traditional mother. Tobias says: "Who knows what makes a guy think he can pass for straight? Seit dem frühen Tod ihrer Mutter lebt Stella bei ihm und Christian, der sich liebevoll um die Kleine kümmert. Zu spät! Unfortunately, Michael says "I screwed my brother-in-law" (referring to how he's taking advantage of him), which only furthers Maeby's suspicions. Tobias immediately assumes that Michael is taking him to the romantic getaway, then goes on to suggest that he will share a horseback ride with Michael, and the two will dip each other in body chocolate. Tobias tests the levels by repeating the phrase "Let Lily lick Lionel's lusty leathers" over and over again. So why don't we pair up? Find the perfect Luxus Uhr stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Check out the latest pictures, photos and images of Tobias van Dieken. Tobias sings "It's just a fallacy!" ", Tobias says: "You look like I feel" and Gob replies: "Gay? He decides to addresses the issue but ends up further down the rabbit hole — as a convicted child predator. Tobias says "We don't need two hands on our hips, pipe up our rectum scolds.". has described as "a spectacular protest — a protest-acular"), Tobias says "I so very much would like to be in your prostate-icular," as in prostate-tickler. IMDb's advanced search allows you to run extremely powerful queries over all people and titles in the database. When talking about his relationship with Kitty, he says "with all the sexual intercourse," as if it were foreign to him. ", While alone on stage Tobias says he feels "a bit like a Mary without a Peter and a Paul.". Tobias says to Murphybrown "Let's put a nugget in your mouth. ", As Mrs. Featherbottom, he asks if anyone would like a "banger in the mouth," referring to sausages. Tobias is wearing Maeby's suit, presumably unaware that it is a woman's suit, only made in a woman's size. Zu spät! 2 talking about this. Tobias van Dieken Net Worth is $9 Million Mini Biography. A recurring joke on Arrested Development is Tobias' more-than-likely homosexuality. Just some harmless bathhouising amongst brothers, yes?". But we’ll clear all that up in the spa when I get my facial.". Among the greatest hopes are the two Brazilians Ronaldo and Ronaldinho and the actually hidden heterosexual bookseller Klaus. Tobias says to Michael "If could put on my therapist leggings for one second", Tobias is trying to explain to Murphybrown who he has to play, in the confusion he says "I am...A girl! Tobias expresses a wish to "taste those meaty leading man parts in my mouth" during the prep for G.O.B. He is called the "glitter queen" by a casting director. In order to help Buster overcome his inferiority to his mother, Tobias dresses up as her and at one point is seen wearing her bra. Appearances: Season One, Season Two, Season Three, Season Four. Tobias van Dieken Rakuten TV provides a combination of services that offer a universe of content in just a fews clicks. No need to register, buy now! ", Tobias is listening to a gay song called "Discipline Daddy.". Interested? Tobias wears a woman's 'bob' wig mistakenly believing that 'bob' refers to the male name, rather than to the woman's hair style. Lindsay confesses to Michael that she and Tobias had only had sex once in the past year, and Tobias "just lied there". Tobias ignores Michael's comments on his poor phrasing of words, and offers him a lick of butterscotch. [5], 2004 German film directed by Sherry Hormann, "The Hometown Homophobes Meet Their Match in 'Guys and Balls, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Guys_and_Balls&oldid=983885897, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2009, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Jeanette Goetz as male nurse (Krankenschwester) 1, Sunia-Shahana Ali as male nurse (Krankenschwester) 2, Helmut Schenkel as Harley rider (Harleyfahrer), Heinrich Weitz as referee (Schiedsrichter) 1, Frank Tepferd as footballer (Fußballspieler) FC Boldrup, Stefan Nüsser as Fußballspieler FC Boldrup, Heiko von der Bey as Fußballspieler FC Boldrup, David Careno as Fußballspieler FC Boldrup, Daniel Careno as Fußballspieler FC Boldrup, Martin Watson as Fußballspieler FC Boldrup, Christoph Paeßens as Fußballspieler FC Boldrup, Lutz Herdener as Fußballspieler FC Boldrup, Willi Schaaf as Fußballspieler FC Ruhrgold, Marc Gößlig as Fußballspieler FC Ruhrgold, Daniel Edingloh as Fußballspieler FC Ruhrgold, Sebastian Klein as Fußballspieler FC Ruhrgold, Detlev Henke as Fußballspieler FC Ruhrgold, Christoph Kanne as Fußballspieler FC Ruhrgold, Miklas Melin as Fussballspieler FC Ruhrgold 8 (as Niklas Melin), Malte Kossleck as Fußballspieler FC Ruhrgold, Christian Ernst as Fußballspieler FC Ruhrgold, Audience Award of the Connecticut Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2006 in the category Best Feature Film (3rd place), Audience Award of the Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2005 in Philadelphia in the category Best Feature, Audience Award of the Milano Festival Internazionale di Cinema Gaylesbico 2006 in the category Best Film, Audience Award of Outfest 2005 in Los Angeles in the category Outstanding Narrative Feature, Jury Award of the Lesbian & Gay Festival Brussels 2005 in the category Best Foreign Language Film, Le Prix du public of the Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2005 in Long Island in the category Meilleur Long Gay, This page was last edited on 16 October 2020, at 20:51. Profession: actor: Nationality: German (Federal) State: North Rhine-Westphalia: 1st residence https://arresteddevelopment.fandom.com/wiki/Is_Tobias_gay%3F?oldid=53557. Tobias has a stack of bodybuilding magazines in the secret room and mysteriously disposes of a plastic bag while entering. Michael seems worried by this, until he realizes that Tobias is referring to the gift basket on the table. Tobias compares himself to Jada Pinkett-Smith. ", Tobias says about Ann, "Within her lies a queen. Tobias van Dieken´s profile on castingvideos. Between 1880 and 2019 there were 111,102 births of Tobias in the countries below, which represents an average of 799 births of children bearing the first name Tobias per year on average throughout this period. So he sets off for Dortmund to find members for his new team with the help of his sister Susanne, who is living there. When Tobias and Lucille run away from Austerity Tobias puts on Lucille's clothes. Yes. Guys and Balls (German: Männer wie wir, literally Men like us, UK title: Balls) is a 2004 sports comedy/romance film by German American director Sherry Hormann about a gay goalkeeper who assembles a gay-only soccer team to play against his ex-team, which fired him due to homophobia. ", Lucille tells Tobais: "That suit looks very hetero on you.". I know how I'd answer.". Tobias acts surprised and nervous when Frank reveals that he wants to work with him, with Tobias saying "I’m so glad you went first.". To make the horse go faster, Tobias slaps Michael's buttocks rather than the horse's. Maeby tells Michael that Tobias wanted to "thank him for the romantic getaway," and that he "left, dressed all westerny." It may therefore not be surprising that this particular movie was made by an American-born director. ", When Murphybrown doesn't know who he has to play he asks Tobias "Am I your boyfriend? Tobias says it's "nice to be back in a queen," referring to sharing a queen bed with his wife. [4] Jeanette Catsoulis of The New York Times said the "script groans with double-entendres" and it contains "lots of cheerful nudity, loving threesomes and more synonyms for "gay"". Arrested Development Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Tobias doesn't take off the women necklace. Michael reveals that Lindsay is not coming, so Tobias ends up taking the horseback ride with Michael. Lucille and George call Tobias a woman, and refer to him as "Nellie", as does the maitre 'd at the hotel bar. 2,899 Followers, 594 Following, 104 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Tobias van Dieken ️ (@tobi_or_notobi) „Ich liebe gutes The word after "amyl" is probably "nitrite," referring to poppers, a popular recreational drug among gay men. at the harbormaster's lodge. Training of the team is done by Karl (Rolf Zacher), an ex-soccer player himself who quit the sport years ago after a stinging defeat. acquires for his illusion has a prominent wattle that resembles testicles. Later, Tobias says "Well, you certainly didn’t help my reputation as a ladies man with Jeff. He refers to getting a job as a security guard as "butch. Profession: actor: Nationality: German (Federal) State: Hamburg: 1st residence: Hamburg Tobias refers to Bob Loblaw as the "best-looking lawyer". He’s an acting professional, known for Sommersturm (2004), Allein (2004) and … Dave Attell says that if Tobias is straight, then he is sober. ", Tobias says "I know 50 gentlemen who would tuck their last nut to play this part.". Tobias spoons Michael while lying next to him in bed, and does so for a further 20 minutes while deciding to be Events Coordinator. Zum Inhalt: Andreas (Tobias van Dieken) kann sich nur schwer damit abfinden, dass Stella (Sophia Heinzmann), die Nichte seines Mannes Christian (Steve Windolf), mit ihren sieben Jahren immer selbstständiger wird. Tobias tells Lindsay that she looks "very handso..." before passing out. Tobias says that Frank has the "same size" and "same curly hair" as Michael. randa chahoud & stefan bühling . Michael says that he likes 'Hot Sailors' and Tobias enthusiastically concurs. In a decisive game, he fails to keep a ball at a penalty and the team fails to get the promotion to the district league. When the big day of the game comes, the match starts out badly for Ecki's team, but ultimately they are able to triumph over his old teammates by allowing their homophobia to turn against themselves. Tobias says that he is "buy-curious" (obviously pronounced "bi-curious") while in the costume shop, and he also misses the double meaning of 'TV' while in conversation with the sales clerk. This is a reference to K-Y Jelly, a lubricant often associated with gay men. Können Sie in dem Bereich auf Erfahrung zurückgreifen? Heiter bis tödlich - Fuchs und Gans (2012– ) Media in category "Tobias van Dieken" The following 7 files are in this category, out of 7 total. Even then, I wouldn’t say anything.". Tatsächlich. Tobias van Dieken, bekannt vom Münchner Volkstheater, steht im ARD-Mehrteiler "Väter allein zu Haus" als schwuler Vollzeitpapa im Fokus. Lucille tells Tobias that he is as swishy as Ryan Seacrest. Ecki (Maximilian Brückner) lives with his parents who own a bakery in Boldrup, a (fictitious) small German town near Dortmund. ", The narrator says: "And these men he was touching for some reason.". Mit prisma hat er über die Rolle und die Zukunft der Reihe gesprochen. Tobias's nametag has his name followed by that of the restaurant, thus reading "Tobias Swallows," a reference to fellatio. Tobias van Dieken ist ein deutscher Schauspieler auf der Theaterbühne und im Fernsehen. When on the street performing with DeBrie as members of the Fantastic Four, a man tells his kid that they are the Ambiguously Gay Duo. 5 Comments. Sie spielen in "Väter allein zu Haus" Andreas, einen Vater und Hausmann. ", Tobias refers to the gala as the "gay-la. When Tobias attempts to explain the birds and the bees to George Michael, he uses the phrase, Referencing his catlike agility Tobias claims that during his adolescence, Tobias tells George Sr. he wants to talk “man on man,” instead of saying "man to man. Tobias sees himself as a 'mother' when Maeby acts out of line. Tobias says that he'll "show them a little T and A. ", When helping Ann with the inner beauty pageant, Tobias tells her "You need to decide whether you want a man or a boy. Lucille says to Lindsay, regarding Tobias: "At least I was able to turn my queen around. Lucille refers to Tobias, before recognizing him, by using the word "fruitcake", a slang to indicate someone gay. . Tobias van Dieken, Maximilian Brückner and Peter Lohmeyer attend the 20 years anniversary of the "13th Street Shocking Short" 2019 event at Muellersches Volksbad on July 02, 2019 in Munich, Germany. On the last available year for each country, we count 4,383 births. Gerd (Peter Lohmeyer), Mark (David Rott), Timo (Tim Oliver Schultz) und dazu Andreas (Tobias van Dieken) – sie sind nicht nur Freunde, sondern teilen auch ein gemeinsames Schicksal: Sie stellen sich heldenhaft der Bändigung des alltäglichen Familien-Wahnsinns, während sich die Mütter ihrer Kinder um Job und Karriere kümmern. Deutsch English. Dabei ist es das lockere Zusammenspiel von Andreas-Darsteller Tobias van Dieken und Steve Windolf (Christian), das es möglich macht, sehr schnell eine emotionale Nähe zu diesen Männern aufzubauen. He’s an acting professional, known for Sommersturm (2004), Allein (2004) and … 450-Millionen-Dollar-Deal: Netflix produziert zwei "Knives Out"-Fortsetzungen He also says one of his earlier attempts makes him look like "one of those hot guys from Spartacus". (sounding like, "It's just a phallus, see?") Tobias says "I have a list of men who could fill every opening you have.". Select from premium Luxus Uhr of the highest quality. Let me out that queen. Tobias wonders why Warden Gentiles is interested in Lucille, saying "The guy runs a prison, he can have any piece of ass he wants. Tobias says, "No, I'm afraid I just 'blue' myself. Die Rosenheim-Cops (TV Series 2002– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. "DRILL! I thought it was a pool toy. Männer wie wir may be regarded as the first major German sports comedy. He confuses gender repetitively when talking about, When coaching the kids to act out the romance in a more mature way, he reminds them that they are playing adults with fully-formed libidos, not, When buying a leather outfit to seem "cool" to. Updated: July 11, 2013 Doch hinter dem Land, das Max pachten will, ist auch Michael Bliesinger (Tobias van Dieken) her, der mit seinem Vater Alois (Klaus Pohl) eine gewinnbringende Biogasanlage betreibt. After hearing about Bob Loblaw's law blog, he tells him that "You, sir, are a mouthful!" Tobias says that he's been jammed with bigger things in tighter spots than the attic. Tobias grabs and later slaps Michael's buttocks when Michael arrives at the "Family Love Michael" party. "Väter allein zu Haus": Tobias van Dieken im Gespräch. Below are the instances of him displaying homosexual traits. Tobias van Dieken, Actor: Heiter bis tödlich - Fuchs und Gans. Tobias mentions being "jacked up on amyl and disco music", two things stereotypically related to homosexual men. #zdf #kaischumann #janinekunze #heldt. brown. Yet he doesn't realize he said balls. Tobias offers Michael body chocolate, which he also did to two total strangers earlier in the episode, regardless of the fact that one of them was male. Updated: January 15, 2020 George Michael assumes Murphybrown is Tobias' boyfriend. Tobias tells Michael that he would not get in bed with Sofia Coppola but would get in bed with Robert Redford, and that he would not just "lie there" like he does with Lindsay. 4 John Juergens Tobias van Dieken pictures. At the meeting with the prosecutor Wayne Jarvis, thinking it's an audition for a CBS TV show, Tobias recites from. [2], Joshua Katzman of the Chicago Reader called the film "engaging" and "well-paced" with "a vibrantly funny script". Tobias ponders changing the Hot Cops theme for the party to 'Hot Sailors', and Michael interrupts him when deciding on 'Hot Seamen'. ", Tobias brings Buster to a drag bar saying "This place is exactly what I'd hoped for. Tobias is grateful that Gob put "Jeff" in his mouth. ", The signs on the stage of the Fantastic Four play read: "POOF!" Tobias comments on Michael setting up him and Lindsay on a romantic getaway, telling him that he's "quite the cupid," saying "I tell you, you can zing your arrow into my buttocks any time.". Ma Bark asks Tobias "How's your gag reflex?". Football, the German national pastime, is particularly popular in this heavily industrialized region and Ecki has been an avid and successful player in a local club FC Boldrup, since his childhood days. When Marky tells Lindsay: "I'm the straightest guy you know!" He said that right after being accused of being gay. While Tobias is in the gym with Frank, he acts as though he's attracted to him, offering to take him out to dinner, and behaving in a flirtatious manner around him. Tobias calls Mike the Hot Cop a "hot seaman" (as he nearly did in ". english (bilingual), french (bilingual), spanish (basics) height. Find the perfect tobias van dieken where stock photo. Schauspieler www.instagram.com/tobiasvandieken Below are the instances of him displaying homosexual traits. 6363. Tobias says "Oh, that is quite a basket you’ve got there, Michael." Beide Länder hat er oft bereist und seine Leidenschaft ist die italienische Sprache und Küche. 's illusion (which G.O.B. Tobias van Dieken´s profile on castingvideos. ", making a pun with the word cuckolding. For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for Tobias van Dieken . Lindsay says, "I wonder how many women [Tobias] has slept with, if any," hinting that Tobias has not slept with any women in his life. movie: director: production | channel: 2021: legal affairs. Lindsay suggests leaving the "fruits" (Tobias and Father Ben) with the "vegetables" (comatose patients). Heute Abend einschalten! Yes, you’re right. Not tonight."). Tobias thinks the British are saying he’s a tourist when they call him a “poofter,” which, in reality, is slang for a homosexual. Tobias is in a wheelchair, holding a video camera. Tobias tells Michael: "Just walk away, and we'll lick each other's wounds. Find the perfect Tobias Simon stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. ", The sign on the Queen Mary is changed to ", Tobias says to Michael "I need to prove to [Lindsay] that I'm not just a man, but a man's man.". ufa fiction | ard. A recurring joke on Arrested Development is Tobias' more-than-likely homosexuality. Tobias van Dieken Net Worth is $400,000 Mini Biography. Check out the latest pictures, photos and images of John Juergens and Tobias van Dieken. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ", When Tobias and Murphybrown are in the desert Tobias says "The desert makes one see what one wants to see". The body pillow on Tobias's bed looks like a large phallus due to its color, positioning and shape. When Michael goes over witness list he says "Well, they’ve got one guy who won’t be talking. (The narrator segues by saying, "While Tobias was trying to get his mouth around Bob Loblaw..."), When Michael says they lost Bob Loblaw because someone wanted a boyfriend, Tobias says "Don't blame me.". Is Tobias gay? 2018-10-24-Väter - Allein zu Haus-0901.jpg 6,000 × 4,000; 14.85 MB Tobias makes one of his most innuendo-filled lines when he says "I’m afraid I prematurely shot my wad on what was supposed to be a dry run, if you will, so now I’m afraid I have something of a mess on my hands.". Tobias says to DeBrie at the hospital "When I first saw. Tobias mentions that Jeff, the horse-worker at the Four Seas hotel, doubts Lindsay is coming. Tobias frequently walks around in the gay area of. He is an actor, known for Heiter bis tödlich - Fuchs und Gans (2012), Summer Storm (2004) and Arme Millionäre (2005). Geboren in Bonn im Februar 1980, beschreibt Tobias van Dieken sich selbst als einen sehr heimatverbundenen Menschen, bei dem Familie und Freunde an erster Stelle stehen und dessen große Liebe Italien und große Sehnsucht Amerika ist. Tobias wants to wear lipstick and eyeliner when he is preparing his gift bags for casting directors. Director: Jorgo Papavassiliou | Stars: Peter Bongartz, Mira Bartuschek, Tobias van Dieken, Marcus Morlinghaus 35. When Buster comes to the house because he's on furlough and everyone is out dancing with their girl, Tobias mentions "My schedule is as open as my relationship with my wife. When Tobias is trying to explain Lucille, Gob and Michael who Murphybrown is everyone assumes he's his boyfriend. Tobias later says he found a "wonderful circle of men" to get him through an embarrassing incident. 2020: wild republic. Tobias van Dieken ist gleichermaßen Theater- und Filmschauspieler. As an expression of gratitude, Tobias offers to accompany Bob Loblaw to a shvitz, the Yiddish term for a steam bath. Das Profil des Schauspielers Tobias van Dieken bei filmmakers filmmakers.de - Das Casting-Netzwerk: Professionelle Schauspieler und Agenturen für Casting-Direktoren, Regisseure, Produzenten und … Tobias says one of his best innuendo sentence when Michael finds him in his son's room: "Not only are you finding me in your son's pants but you're also finding out how the sausage is made.". Tobias truck Dieken was created in 1980. Tobias wears a woman’s coat while in a frigid office. Tobias van Dieken spielt darin ein schwulen Vater und Hausmann. Like Comment Share. color of hair. Tobias' new "friend" is a hunky bodybuilding priest who is protesting for the right for priests to marry. "STAB!" I mean if he really is gay he can try to hide it, but trust me, it will come out in the most unexpected balls", "Don't hold your balls kids, don't hold your balls on that" and "Roof balls!" Select from premium Tobias Simon of the highest quality. To the question "Are you coming out? Heute Abend einschalten! ", Tobias says he's going to fight to keep his marriage alive (Michael was referring to the secret room but Tobias took it as meaning out of the closet). Tobias admits nobody was buying as a straight man. agency: @lastrada.doells, pr+collabs: @flixselect https://amzn.to/3mdTd4O www.lastrada-doells.com/tobias-van-dieken.html. ", When Lindsay walks in on Tobias in the bedroom, he is seen practicing her. When approached by Lindsay trying to save their relationship, Tobias is reading the "Poof" magazine. Tobias befriends some local gay actors at a protest and decides to become an actor. After all, I am her father. and Tobias replies "Oh, please, Michael. Tobias is oblivious to the fact that his book appeals only to the gay community. #zdf #kaischumann #janinekunze #heldt. This sentence is followed by Tobias saying "Oh. He refers to himself as "she" when disguised as Mrs. Featherbottom, telling Maeby, "I'm sure wherever your father is right now, she loves you very, very much.". Tobias calls sex 'heterosexual intercourse.' Dieken, Tobias van 1980-Tobias van Dieken deutscher Fernseh- und Bühnenschauspieler Tobias van Dieken acteur allemand VIAF ID: 311644058 ( Personal ) Permalink: http://viaf.org/viaf/311644058 ", Tobias was dancing with "what turned out to be" the Queen Mary's owner at the club. In Season Four Tobias is shocked to learn the family assumes he is gay based solely on the way he acts and the words he chooses. When Tobias believes he's been replaced, he says to Michael "I see you wasted no time in filling my seat-hole.". When Michael asks what he's doing in a wheelchair, Tobias says that it's a dolly to help videotape his nuptials. Lindsay replies with:"Why does every man feel like they have to say that to me? When Lindsay starts dancing on top of Tobias in bed, he points to the acting book he is reading titled. While this genre is far more established in the United States with movies such as Hardball (2001) or The Mighty Ducks (1992) in which an underdog team is posed to somehow find the spirit to win an important game against a far superior opponent, these kinds of movies are relatively rare in German cinema. ", Tobias jumps at the chance to film men flashing for Lindsay's. Tobias van Dieken was born in 1980 in Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia, West Germany. She uses it to refer to transvestites. ", Also as Mrs. Featherbottom, he mentions that he's "stuffing the mushrooms. After tying his bed sheet in a way that resembles Portia de Rossi's wedding dress, Tobias says "I actually like this better." As a member of Whips-and-Snaps Barbershop Quartet in "Storming the Castle", Tobias says "I got blown" in "Afternoon Delight", Tobias and Buster at the Tobias is Queen Mary in "Queen for a Day", The Tobias is Queen Mary from "Queen for a Day", Tobias and the Hot Cops in "Queen for a Day", Tobias crossdresses as Mrs. Featherbottom in "The Immaculate Election", Tobias flashes Michael in "Righteous Brothers", "Tobias Swallows" at the Swallows Restaurant in "The Cabin Show", Tobias and Barry make out in "The Cabin Show", Tobias at a wig shop in "For British Eyes Only", Tobias wearing a bob wig in "For British Eyes Only", Tobias's Analrapist business card, as seen in "Forget-Me-Now", Tobias dressing as Lucille in "Forget-Me-Now", Tobias wearing Lucille's underwear in "Forget-Me-Now", Tobias with Beefcake magazine in "Fakin' It", Tobias and "girl Michael" in "Family Ties", Tobias and Michael spoon in "Development Arrested", Tobias, Lindsay, and the Hot Cops in "Development Arrested", Tobias' ANUSTART vanity plate in "A New Start", For 2,000 rupees, we'd both go down on Matthew McConaughey.

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