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Of these 3 types of sellers, the Chinese have been the fastest growing segment and they are utterly dominating the platform. Amazon Stores provide brands with a great way to showcase products with more creativity, but it’s predominantly an advertising tool and needs marketing budget behind it to drive traffic. Through the use of customizable colors and an array of image, video, and text modules, they are able to translate their own site and overall brand experience to the Amazon platform. You can showcase your complete catalog or a selection of your best-selling or seasonal products. What do you do when you have many famous brands? For those who can’t get outdoors, or there’s not enough natural light available, HappyLight® is a perfect product choice aimed at improving health and overall well-being. When you have $11.6 billion in annual profits, you can afford to experiment. Clicking into the respective categories in the top navigation, we find that La Colombe has artfully combined imagery and accompanying text throughout. Not only do these creative features help to improve the aesthetics of brands on the Marketplace—they also provide new opportunities to drive traffic (on and off Amazon) to a brand’s entire catalog. Bear Paws is a great example of a small company using their Brand Store well to showcase the product, the company behind the product and the community the product is for. With gorgeous photography and infographics this page is at another level. You will need to consider the upkeep needed for your storefront. Some of the private-label brands are even exclusive to Prime members. As you scroll down the page, you will be further captivated by the colorful category page graphics that entice customers to click further into the brand store. So whether you’re looking for brightening shampoo for your blonde locks, or build-up battling scalp care solutions, the help your hair is craving is just a click away. Because our team understands those restrictions and policies, we saved Verilux a significant amount of time on revisions & resubmissions. *By submitting your Email Address, you are agreeing to all conditions of our Privacy Policy. We’ll drink coffee to that! We hope you’ll notice that there is no one right way to create a Brand Store on Amazon. Copyright © 2020 Tinuiti. Amazon is becoming brand-centric. Here's why. In March 2018, our Amazon Creative Team worked directly with Verilux to design, develop and deploy a customized and responsive Amazon Store site map with multi-level category & product pages optimized to promote an immersive shopping experience. It mixes product categories, ingredient call-outs, lifestyle photography and best-selling products to draw you through it’s homepage. Bioganix, a dietary supplement seller, wanted to differentiate their brand in one of the most competitive categories on the Marketplace. It is the Vendor and Seller’s responsibility to comply with all applicable laws and rules and regulations that apply to the Vendor or Seller, the content of the Store, and any location where the Store appears. It’s also important that you try to limit how deep your navigation on this store goes, customers are likely to drop-off after a click or two and most frequently visit your homepage and top-selling category for that period of time. See some of the brands … These analytics will give you information on traffic and sales associated with your store. Graphically clean and consistent the Nespresso Brand Store draws you through two product categories and finishes by drawing your attention to their mission as a brand. If you don’t currently have this app on your phone, go to the app store and search “Amazon seller.” Once you have the app downloaded, sign into your Amazon seller account and you’re ready to go! Nicetown used the the homepage of their Brand Store as a product guide. Now that Amazon A+ Content and Enhanced Brand Content are the norm (and you should really already have those implemented), it’s time to take your branding to the next level with Amazon Stores. It is a beautiful, enticing and effective Brand Store. Until retail stores understand this and embrace the opportunity Amazon presents, brands will need to keep making case by case decisions on what they’re willing to … Learn more here about how we can help you take your Amazon Store to the next level or contact us today to chat! "Customers definitely have the ability to engage with the brand directly," says Nitin Mamillapally of Sellozo. As in a physical marketplace with multiple stalls or stores, on Amazon you need to make sure your products stand out from the crowd. Amazon is a popular store—which makes it a great opportunity for online sellers. “Amazon Store Insights allows us to better quantify how that traffic that we’re sending performs. The craft with which this was done is further noted when you consider how little visual appeal a bottle of supplements and / or vitamins typically has and how beautiful and complete they look in this layout. All Rights Reserved. The Drop Exclusive to Amazon, The Drop is inspired and designed by the biggest influencers on the internet. The problem is, the effectiveness of the content is lost, simply because there is too much of it. Crucially, unbranded searches like "men's running shoes" also have a suggested brand store. Discover the best brand storefronts on Amazon. Though some of us may remember BCBG as the brand behind our prom dresses, others know the designer has evolved to create a beautiful line of sophisticated clothing and casual styles with a feminine vibe. Brands with a Store are now in a prime position – no pun intended – to capture shopper demand off of Amazon. [And is Apple coming for you? What is Clubhouse, and How Can Brands Make the Most of It? Since making Brand Stores available, many brands have customized their storefronts with varying degrees of thoughtful planning and execution. The landing page of their storefront clearly and beautifully highlights the different categories that their brands fall under without wasting a lot of space. What are CNAME Cloakers? Everyone wins. If you are not familiar with the Amazon seller app, take some time to go through the various features. When it comes to branding, Apple has always been among the best, if not the best. “Amazon Stores are not only here to stay, they are becoming a fundamental part of a brand’s strategy on the Marketplace. Here's how some brands … home | about us | amazon services | news | contact us. “We were very satisfied with the Enhanced Brand Content – so we decided to update our Amazon Store as well.”. Malibu C’s store also makes thoughtful use of showcase features, noting that their products are formulated with the purest form of Vitamin C. Shopping is simplified through an intuitive secondary nav that aims to funnel visitors to their most popular category products. Shop tons of BCBGMAXAZRIA picks on Amazon, some of which are even less than they'd cost in the store. Amazon has broken the longstanding reign of Apple and Google to become the world’s most valuable brand worth $315.5bn – the first new brand to claim the number one spot in 12 years.. Selling on Amazon is an excellent opportunity for brands to gain visibility and sales. In this sense, Amazon's "Marketplace" label is accurate. And most of these products are sold by private label sellers, retail/online arbitragers and companies in China selling direct on Amazon. With countless gyms, yoga studios, and other communal fitness and wellness spaces closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are perhaps more people than ever looking for at-home options to help them stay active and strong. Get the latest digital marketing insights and trends delivered straight to your inbox. ), you can still enjoy the rich flavors and unique beverages they’re best known for. Amazon Stores has quickly shifted from being a trending Amazon feature to becoming a brand essential for Marketplace success in 2020, and beyond. It is very unpolished and doesn’t let customers know that you own your brand on Amazon. You need to applaud the Scotts’ team for creating exceptionally strong seasonal content which both educates the customer and encourages them to purchase seasonally relevant products. The Melissa & Doug Brand Store has too much content. This mini website is designed and organized by your company and features the items you want to showcase. Home » Blog » In fact, independent third-party sellers sold more than a billion items during the 2019 holiday season alone, using Amazon to reach hundreds of millions of customers, build their brands, and grow their business. Amazon is testing a change to its search suggestions that adds a link to the related brand's store page. This was also the first place Amazon allowed you to create a source tag that could be applied to outside websites and help you measure the impact those websites and advertising platforms had on your traffic and sales. You also need to have a strategy for tools like Amazon Sponsored Product Ads that allow you to market your products to shoppers on the site. It demonstrates the unique value proposition of its product and tells the story of the entrepreneur behind the product with video and text. Their results-oriented video includes a text overlay highlighting some of the key features of Malibu C products, including their coveted standing as the #1 vegan hair wellness solution. Once a customer selects a style, they will be redirected to the appropriate category page. And they have had a positive buying experience with the seller. Their trust in Amazon is affirmed. Stores allow you to create your own curated brand destination on Amazon at no cost. Quality pet food brands understand that modern consumers have a lot of options to choose from and to earn a name for themselves in a competitive space, it’s imperative that they produce nutritious food that pets will enjoy. While the store is on Amazon, it feels definitively Zinus, accomplished in part through carrying over the same language style and color scheme they employ on their own website. We’ve got 8 of the best Amazon Storefront examples to prove it. While it may appear to be an overly simple layout, the sparse category graphics brilliantly present the Amazon Customer with a simple question: “What body part do you want to purchase make-up for?” The answer will quickly redirect that customer to the appropriate category page. Luckily, this corner comes fully stocked with attractive features to help reflect who you are as a brand, and put what’s most important to your customers front and center. Having an Amazon storefront gives brands more opportunities to engage with customers from a distance, while still offering a customized, branded experience similar to the one a customer would receive in-store. Their Amazon Store also features a series of custom pages for easier navigation including: To learn more, check out our Advil case study. Great photography, great color and a simple and clean layout make this a really strong store. Crucially, unbranded searches like “men’s running shoes” also have a suggested brand store.” At this time, Amazon hasn’t announced which brands will be participating in the test or which brand store will be featured for unbranded searches.

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